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As Meat Loves Salt

As Meat Loves Salt

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This is a mere undertone, however, to the two opening events that will drive the novel - Jacob's marriage to his beloved Caro, and the recent discovery of the gruesome murder of a young boy from a neighbouring household. What I did not know (or, possibly, just hadn’t remembered) was that its protagonist, Jacob Cullen, is no romantic hero, but rather selfish, violent and avaricious. What begins as a fervent, obsessive love warps into something darker and all-consuming, and Jacob slowly begins to realise that he can’t outrun his demons if he carries them within. Also, while Jacob and Farris were, as you say, both married men and not strictly speaking, GAY, Jacob had to have Caro’s interest in him pointed out to him by his brother Izzy, HE WAS SO GAY HE DIDN’T KNOW SHE WAS HOT FOR HIM, and Ferris’s marriage was not really love but Farris’s quest for honor and rightous behaviour. He didn’t even meet the girl until she was locked in her room by her father, across the lane from him.

I could not put this book down, until I realized it was almost over, and then tried to delay finishing it.

What makes the novel so dark is that Jacob is in many ways a despicable character, who does terrible things, yet it is hard not to be captivated by him, to feel for him, and to at times forget what he is capable of and root for him. I pitied him, immensely, because I could tell that he wasn’t going to change, but I pitied Ferris even more because he’d fallen in love with the wrong man, and that’s something I can relate to, big time. Still, even as his mistakes compound, at every progressive junction, the reader holds out some faint, flickering hope that Jacob will finally turn his life around. It was the only thing he could do really – he wasn’t going to kill himself, after all – not with those character traits, he’ll blame everyone else in the world before he’d blame himself – although perhaps if the colony had ALL gone on a flipping ship it would have been a different book! Trust me when I said Jacob Cullen is the lite version of Maurice Swift from A LADDER TO THE SKY by John Boyne i wasn’t wrong!

Even though Jacob was undeniably bat sh*t crazy, I often sympathized with him, even when he ruined the best thing he had for him [Ferris]. I've experienced the same unreasonable and foolish jealousies, the same vindictive pettiness, the same lack of faith in both structures and individuals, the same urge to do violence on those who annoy or offend me. But Ferris was a grown man, and he had plenty of choices to cast Jacob aside – and could have done – and didn’t.When he is back in the city, he imagines that he sees Ferris on the street and at one point says “…and I told myself he had most likely survived, and was even now turning the corner. A darkly erotic tale of passion and obsession, As Meat Loves Salt is a gripping portrait of England beset by war.

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