beyerdynamic DT 880 Edition 250 Ohm Headphone

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beyerdynamic DT 880 Edition 250 Ohm Headphone

beyerdynamic DT 880 Edition 250 Ohm Headphone

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Treble- The treble is almost if not perfect, the treble is not harsh, there a good amount of treble in these cans. The details and texture in the bass are nice as well, you can hear the string vibrating against the wood as the Bassist changes notes. David Chesky him self is on Piano located a tad behind the Tenor Sax, and again the tone of the piano is great.

I can very much compare them to my stereo hifi system at home ( exposure 1010 and q acustics concept 20) in terms of detail, sound separation, although these headphones do seem to be analytical, no colour at all which is very good. dt880 pro with aune t1 is one sweet combo that is kind to your wallet, sweet to your soul and brings sparkle to your life and that is before you even start tube rolling. Overall I believe the dt880 600 ohm is an investment that can be safely considered especially for its. The DT 880 beats out every other Mid-Fi headphone I've tried or owned in terms of build quality, hands down. The midrange, while a little distant for my tastes, is done real nicely and is pleasant to listen to.I would prefer to pair DT880’s with a OTL tube amp for music listening, then the mids will open out much better and highs much more sweeter and in control. First of all its treble aren't sparkly and overly-bright, rather it is quite tame in the higher frequencies making it quite warm however it does have a tendency to be sibilant due to the 9khz peak however in most of my case it is usually due to a badly mixed track rather than due to the headphone itself. The hifiman he400i is better for critical listening with more forward microdetails and better timbre however it suffers from a more artificial imaging and the high energy is a double edged sword, it is more resolving but is more prone to fatigue.

Higher impedance headphones will also have less distortion with portable equipment, however portable equipment usually doesn't have enough output voltage to drive higher impedance headphones as loud as many people want them to go.

They sound fantastic with all the genres I listen to and I can say that they are one of my favourite cans of all time.

However, the DT 770 PRO have a more even sound profile overall, provided you achieve a good fit, and they leak less sound. in A Major, Op92, Allegro Con Brio" - From the very beginning of this track the DT880s display a wonderful sense of both powerful energy and delicate detail. Where I consider AKG K240 a "bit brighter" and sibilance-susceptible when untreated, DT880 just goes there and blast 8-10kHz into painful, shrieking and unacceptable levels. The DT 990's treble is even more irritable than the T50RP to my ears, so it gets the least head time.Low-treble is well-balanced, but treble is over-emphasized by an average of 5dB, peaking at 12dB around 9KHz. Bring on the DT880 Premium - 600ohm, Beyerdynamic's UK distributor ( POLARaudio) are providing me with some of their new catalogue to play with soon, but for now here is a little gem that I recently purchased .

Unless you plan to go portable with this headphone, in which case there are much better options for that purpose. Yes, ideally I would like to add a slightly heavier bass presentation to this sound, but not at the expense of anything else that it offers. They have a durable build, and they're decently comfortable, but they're a bit cumbersome to carry around without a bag. The actual impedance of the 600 Ω version is about 660 Ω, but more importantly, it's almost purely resistive.Since giving away my AKG Q701's I've lusted after that 'open' sound and it was the DT880 that caught my eye. That being said, the DT 880 already has that magical sparkle in treble so if you own flat or dark amps the 880 is still the better choice, especially on a budget. Since my Denon AH-D2000 died (broken driver) the DT880 became my new primary cans (tho I still prefer the sound of the Denons. Although the track is also recorded a little narrowly… while the narrow sound of the valley is maintained, the Dt 880 never create a cramp or overly busy sonic presentation; everything is placed just right within the sound stage.

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