Five Survive: AN INSTANT NUMBER 1 NYT BESTSELLER AND SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER! An explosive crime thriller from the award-winning author of A Good Girls Guide to Murder.

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Five Survive: AN INSTANT NUMBER 1 NYT BESTSELLER AND SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER! An explosive crime thriller from the award-winning author of A Good Girls Guide to Murder.

Five Survive: AN INSTANT NUMBER 1 NYT BESTSELLER AND SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER! An explosive crime thriller from the award-winning author of A Good Girls Guide to Murder.

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Simon more so than Maddy, because I feel he had more personality and he made me laugh multiple times. i honestly should’ve made time to read this in one sitting because the story takes place over the span of 8 hours and reading it in one go would have been so much more immersive. The brand new, explosive crime thriller from Holly Jackson, best-selling, award-winning author of the Good Girl’s Guide to Murder trilogy. Five Survive , my Book of the Month, is about a group of teens who set off on a trip for spring break; when they find themselves under attack, they must work out who is trying to shoot them―and why. For all ebook purchases, you will be prompted to create an account or login with your existing HarperCollins username and password.

make a wrong turn and find themselves trapped overnight on an old road as a sniper holds them hostage to try to get one of them to tell an important secret. being stuck in a 31-foot rv (which red made sure that WE ALL KNEW) + having the entire thing take place in just a couple of hours makes it impossible for the characters to develop. A game of cat-and-mouse plays out as the group desperately tries to get help and to work out which member of the group is the target. When their relationship starts to fall apart under all the pressure, Mel finds herself feeling alone with the impossible dilemma of the Little Bang growing inside her. anyways i picked this up again bc i wanted a quick read and i enjoyed it again immensely except that i got emotional at the ending AGAIN!

I also am unsure how I feel about that ending, with the letter and all, considering how I feel about those characters. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. honestly would have given this book 1 star but the fact that oliver died was enough for it to be 2 stars. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic.

PLUS, the whole story takes place in less than 24 hours inside an RV which is such a unique concept, setting, and timeline. However, when the sniper reveals himself and asks simply for a secret that one of the friends is keeping, it sets all of them against each other. I've read all four of her books at this point and she always gives me the most complex feelings about the decisions she makes with her books.They hope to find the answers they seek, while making new friends, learning new concepts, and experiencing the entropic nature of the universe. It's also super weird that Jackson names the mafia family Gotti, after the most famous New York crime boss, when the characters are from Philadelphia, which has its own notorious crime families. Anyway, what am saying is that it's his crap that made other characters interesting and brought more life to the book as a whole. When they set out on a spring break trip in a borrowed RV, none of them could have imagined they would be in the cross hares of a sniper. don't really care about him or the fact that he's the mole because by that time i just wanted for the whole thing to be over.

no spoilers in the sense of whether he is involved with being the actual perp in this book, he's just a terrible, terrible person from the first time he opens his big fat mouth. the curtain had more screentime than the both of them combined 🤷‍♀️ i can't even consider simon as comedic relief because he has pre-teen fortnight player type humour. As a hue fan of the A Good Girl's Guide to Murder series, I was absolutely ecstatic to hear that HJ was bringing out something new, and even more so when I was kindly sent a proof copy by the publisher in. Buried secrets are forced to light in the cramped, claustrophobic setting of the RV, and tensions within the group will reach deadly levels. look, i’m sorry her mom died, i really am, but she was always bringing it up at every chapter and it was too repetitive.

He did some messed up stuff, but when dealing with the mafia, he seems like he didn't have much of a choice. i can see why the author thought that showing her trauma was important — however, it was not necessary to mention it all. when i was close to reach the 85% mark it became boring again and i realized i wasn’t invested in the story anymore. There's a part through the middle that just drags and drags and finally when things start to happen they wrap up quickly. Red annoyed me from the start, she came off as a little crazy, but I do feel bad for her, because she seems to have gone through so much, and I honestly feel bad for disliking her but I can't help it.

however, for some stupid reason, i still had some hopes for the big reveal and the ending — and now i regret that because i was left unsatisfied with both. Mel and Sid are determined to do this together, but they soon discover that pregnancy is totally different for boys and girls. If I were her, I’m not sure I’d ever be able to trust him again, but they were pretty cute together, I cannot lie! I'm an extreme scaredy-cat when it comes to anything crime or anything that could possibly happen in real life, but I ended up reading this late into the night and I was honestly scared to go to sleep because I have extremely irrational fears.

I do wish we got to see more of Arthur and Maddy’s personalities, but I understand that it was important for them to not be explored in depth until the end for the sake of the plot, and the reveals definitely made that worth it! They are given a walkie talkie and are given a short amount of time to come up with the answer to a secret or they will be killed. There are quiet a few twists and turns and secrets revealed across the book which keeps it really interesting.

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