Pro-Kleen Fresh Water Tank Cleaner (5 Litres) - Sanitises, Descales, Removes Algae & Bacteria - Prevents Stale Taste & Odours

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Pro-Kleen Fresh Water Tank Cleaner (5 Litres) - Sanitises, Descales, Removes Algae & Bacteria - Prevents Stale Taste & Odours

Pro-Kleen Fresh Water Tank Cleaner (5 Litres) - Sanitises, Descales, Removes Algae & Bacteria - Prevents Stale Taste & Odours

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Is chlorine and alcohol free, with no corrosive effects on usual water system materials of construction In the morning, empty your water tank and rinse the system thoroughly to ensure any loose deposits are flushed out. One thing my husband and I have always been conscious of is drinking water. Mr WB has spent a lot of time in the Middle East, where water is not always safe to drink and he’s a little obsessive about making sure we have safe water. One treatment requires just 100ml of solution per 20L tank capacity. That means this 5L bottle offers unbeatable value! Chlorine-Free Water tanks are refurbished in situ using special tungsten carbide scrappers to loosen and remove adhered oxide, scale and debris. Tank walls are flushed and dried before the application of special tried and tested coatings which can be given a lifetime guarantee. New lids, insulation, screened overflows and vents are installed and pipe work modifications are made to rectify stagnation. Hot water vent pipes are routed away from the tanks to a tundish to prevent the risk of cold water temperature elevation.

Regular cleaning of your water tank is essential if you are to prevent bacteria, algae and other grime building up inside the tank.Both domestic and commercial water tank cleaning will require the existing water to be drained and cleared of any accumulated contaminant deposits that may have built up in the water tank. All of these can be harmful if not taken care of. Therefore, it is imperative that you follow the correct procedures and processes to ensure both your tank and water is as clean and safe as possible. Ensure all equipment is removed and all valves are open on the tank and (if applicable) the calorifier (except Drain Valves).

To find out how we can help you with domestic water tank cleaning or any other aspect of water treatment, get in touch.Puri Sol Purisol is a powerful oxidising solution. It's a synergistic blend of oxidising, biocidal and cleaning properties which, when combined, create a broad-spectrum bactericidal, virucidal sanitiser-deoderiser. It cleans-sterilises-deoderises in one action, leaving no taint or odour. Puri Sol is a complete sanitiser, purpose formulated to completely clean, disinfect and deoderise water storage tanks, pipework and fittings. Ultimately, domestic water tank cleaning is about maintaining good water hygiene, human health and safe water distribution systems. If entry is necessary, then two technicians must be present, and confined space safety rules, regulations and procedures must be followed. Complete a Disinfection Label for each tank and indicate if down services were included in the process.

Swiftclean are registered with the Legionella Control Association to reassure you of our competence in Legionella Control works. Your Legal Responsibilities Our extensively trained staff members ensure that every corner of your water tank space is left spotless and clean. With our unwavering dedication to delivering top-notch service and meticulous attention to detail, Water Tank Cleaner.Pk has earned a strong reputation as one of the most trusted cleaning services in Karachi. Transparent Pricing: We offer transparent pricing also our detailed breakdown of the costs involved in the cleaning process which will help you understand what services are included, enabling you to make an informed decision based on your budget and requirements. It has a dual-purpose formula which both cleans and sterilises in one go, so no need to do two treatments. It cleans the entire motorhome water system: tanks, pipes, pumps, hoses and taps and can apparently also be used to “remove stains from many domestic items such as glassware, plastic tableware, tea and coffee pots and stainless steel items such as vacuum flasks”. Or, if you’re not using a pressure washer, fill the tank with hot water and allow to stand for a couple of hours before draining the water from the tankL8 the Approved Code of Practice & Guidance for the Control of Legionella bacteria in water systems requires, water storage tanks to be inspected annually. The tank should be clean and free from debris and the water shiny. If this is not the case then the water tank should be cleaned and disinfected. If corrosion is occurring then this should be made good. Swiftclean water tank refurbishment services Drain the tank to half-way by opening the drain valve or by using a pump and pump out. The ball valve is opened to allow the tank to be refilled with fresh water. Ensure the ball valve closes correctly so that the tank is in no danger of over-filling. Regular water tank cleaning is necessary to maintain the water inside as pure. It is recommended that your water tank undergoes a rigorous cleaning process every six months.

Once the required level of chlorine is achieved and maintained, the outlet of the tank may be opened to allow chlorinated water to flow around the system The expertise that Swiftclean have gained as a specialist in the hygienic control for building services plant ensures that the water systems will comply with the latest Health and Safety Guidelines and will avoid any violation of current regulations. Our experience and knowledge ensures our commercial tank cleaning is thorough and that cleaning and disinfection is done thoroughly and safely to prevent contamination.

Why do I need to clean my water tank?

Personally, I do drink from the water tank as I now have an inline filter in the cold line fitted (so I don’t drink anything from the water heater!), but for many years we only used our motorhome water tank for showers, teeth cleaning and washing up and used a Lifesaver Jerrycan to drink from, even when we’re going to boil it in the kettle.

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