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Boston Belles - Villain

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And because he needs a wife and an heir (yes, it's still happening in the 21st Century apparently), he marries her and saves them both. Like you didn’t want to affect his case with Andrew by giving him bad publicity because of the divorce but you are here willingly GIVING your husbands enemy ammunition to use it against him? I am a fan of Greek mythology, and the fact this book is peppered with bits of it, makes my Hades loving heart bleed with passion. J. focuses on THIS Belle in the next two books—the one who’s caring, independent, and cunning without the overexaggerated millennial/Gen-Z speak—then maybe there's a win for me somewhere in this series.

Like i honestly assumed that something happened between them, a drunken night of sex or a secret heart to heart moment. Each time you’re about to start a book you’ve anticipated for a long time, especially featuring a character that has you in thrall from the moment he was introduced on page, there’s some apprehension. Persephone’s husband left her to deal with his debt and since she was being threatened with her life she went and asked Cillian for help. Seeing her growth throughout the book from infatuated belle to a woman that really stands up for herself and what she deserves was deliciously satisfying. To say that this book is a masterpiece and that LJ Shen is a legend for writing this kind of a book would be an understatement.

Just know that the author and her team are less transparent than a brick wall and have a cult mentality.

Plus, it really bothered me that Persy never defended her sister, who clearly played the protective, older sister during her entire life. it was a bit predictable, but if you enjoyed Vicious or Angry God i don't see any reason why you wouldn't enjoy this. L.J Shen just so you know this the 2nd male lead you have created with whom I fell solely because of his intelligence and most importantly his cunningness. I will unleash my three-headed hounds on you—a Hades reference, in case it escaped your bird-sized brain—no matter where you are. Persy, omg, she is my favorite heroine to date, so loyal, so brave, fierce AF, sassy, and so passionate, even though she is sweet and has a pure heart, her inner strength is everything, she fights so hard for those she loves, I die of love for her!I think, I read more scenes with Cillian plaiyng poker with his friends and Persy with her female friend group and scenes of them together. Generally speaking, she was about as maternal as a chewable thong, so I wasn’t quite sure any of these idiots were capable of taking care of anything more complex than a goldfish. No spoilers here, but there are a few side plots that contained subject matter near and dear to my heart, and Leigh wrote those scenes with such respect and care that I found myself tearing up. I dived into The Villain in total blind, not knowing what to expect, giving the author my complete trust.

It's not like I'm in danger of falling in love with the appallingly gorgeous, charismatic gazillionaire who happens to be one of Boston's most eligible bachelors. I've now realized that my top LJS stories are about antiheroes who may seem gruff at the outset but end up loving the heroine fiercely. The Villain es absolutamente brillante, desgarradoramente hermoso, me consumió desde las primeras líneas y no pude dejarlo ni un solo segundo, es una magnífica historia, ¡y un TOP READ 2020! Cillian, *suspira*, pasé del odio al amor con él a lo largo de toda la historia, es peor que Vicious, Troy y Celian juntos, los destronó a todos, tan frío, tan cruel, tan despiadado, pero conforme avanza la historia avanza, vemos capas y capas en su personalidad y, a medida que pasan los capítulos, mis sentimientos cambiaron y me enamoré de él. The more secrets and layers of ice that needs chipped away from a cold heart only makes the H more enticing.

Their connection is so intense, sparks fly between them every time they are together, my Tablet almost makes spontaneous combustion, and their banter is off the charts, still give me goosebumps from just remembering, pure magic, fire and feeling. If you've read any books from Leigh before, then you know to expect a twist or two outside of the romance at hand, and this one has them in spades. Because it is harmful, addictive, play with our head, might distract us, flip our world upside down so naturally, we avoid it at all cost. the server asked me if i wanted that average cake, and bc i have excruciating social anxiety, i said YES. Even Persy went to babysit Andrew's children to get a scoop inside his house to find ammo to help Cillian.

But as we delve deeper chapter by chapter we see another side of him and it's a side that left me utterly breathless. When they're together, we only get stupid, childish bickering (from Persy mostly, because Cillian doesn't even bother with talking). And I was kind of okay with Persephone going to Cillian again and again even though after sex he would completely close off and leave. You just can't say heyyy let's others beat myself up until I piss myself so my Tourette syndrome is getting less.Leigh has completely upped her game, and her writing here is so mature and approachable that she's finally caused Trent to make room in his number 1 spot for another leading character to reign alongside him.

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