Cayin RU6 USB DAC Headphone Amplifier

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Cayin RU6 USB DAC Headphone Amplifier

Cayin RU6 USB DAC Headphone Amplifier

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It is able to produce an good creamy smooth and textured midrange that is soothing to the ears while having enough details in it.

For example with my TRN VX Pro which is already natively wide sounding, I am hearing effortless headroom of soundstage that can make me forget I am listening to an IEM. Both technologies are not new to the market, but indeed, quite well established with a loyal following, even among modern audiophiles. The Cayin Ru6 delivers the R2R performance within a very portable size and the tonality is comparable to any R2R DAP.

This safegaurds the signal integrity, making sure that the noise from the reference clock and DSP will not affect the amplifier circuit. Having got back into headphones recently I was intrigued to see if there was a portable equivalent, and found the RU6. The R-2R DAC circuit is very demanding on incoming data integrity and the digital volume of mobile phones will damage the sound quality badly. And finally, if anything, in NOS mode, the treble is slight rolled-off, and also the presentation can come across as overly smooth and perhaps too rounded for some who like more precision details and edges, and fast transients. I was so satisfied by the RU6 that I immediately started choosing a big R2R dac and got the Ares II.

Audio U18t (v28, HG) – slightly mid-forward signature due to more neutral bass quantity of U18t, still with a good extension and punch, just closer to neutral in quantity. The upper end has that retro roundness, possibly due to the R-2R circuitry and on the oversampling mode, it gives a stronger outline to the voices, boosting air, speed, and texture. Also what is worth noticing is that streaming MQAs from Tidal via the RU-6 works highly satisfactory and unjoyfully for me. Cayin tested numerous off-the-shelf volume options but unfortunately, they could not meet the high precision, low noise, and low power consumption requirements in their dongle DAC application. With the midrange being quite forward and the very low end being quite shy, staging is stretched wide.While most modern dongles use a delta-sigma DAC implementation, the RU6’s R-2R relies instead on a vast array of discreet components to perform digital-to-analog conversion, in the form of 96 pieces of resistors at 48 per channel with precisely matching parameters. Up top are 3 physical buttons that provide distinct feedback on each press, even through the matching carrying case. I’m sure most are aware of the R-2R DAC movement but for those that aren’t, these DACs differ entirely to those widely adopted on the market such as AKM and ESS, commonly dubbed Sigma-Delta DACs. With R-2R DAC circuit depending on the integrity of the incoming digital data, for the best sound quality it is recommended to keep digital volume of your source at the max and control the analog volume from RU6.

Bit Discrete R-2R Precision DAC: convert digital audio signal to analog audio signal through a high precision R-2R Resistive Ladder Network. Unfortunately the possible hissing due to EMI interference would not allow for the full rating and is forcing a half star deduction. The superb performance of the Cayin RU6 makes it an easy recommendation to anyone who is looking for a dongle with R2R capabilities.

Perhaps from critical standpoint, I find Ovidius B1, Apogee Groove and CEntrance DACport HD closer to being organic sounding, but RU6 is definitely there among these three Dongles that I loved so much. RU6 was connected to my Galaxy phone with volume set at the max (on the phone), and I was using HibyMusic app. I find the tonality very much similar to the Chord Mojo, with a warm and intimate presentation, and overall smoothness that sounds mature and inviting.

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