Dark Force Rising: Star Wars Legends (The Thrawn Trilogy) (Star Wars: the Hand of Thrawn, 2)

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Dark Force Rising: Star Wars Legends (The Thrawn Trilogy) (Star Wars: the Hand of Thrawn, 2)

Dark Force Rising: Star Wars Legends (The Thrawn Trilogy) (Star Wars: the Hand of Thrawn, 2)

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Esta segunda novela funciona de manera similar a lo que era El imperio contraataca en cine, siendo un punto intermedio pero con un toque sombrío, además de dejar las cosas en un punto álgido para la tercera entrega, La última orden. Her impressions of Luke in the present do not mix well with her ingrained hatred of him, making for some really interesting interactions. Además que continuamente la llaman Lady Vader, siendo ella todo lo opuesto a lo que era aquel, algo que debe afrontar. There were a few things that perturbed me, but there were some moments that nearly brought tears to my eyes. If you didn't like Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising is definitely not going to change your opinion on the Thrawn Trilogy, but if you liked it you'll probably find this to be a decent follow up.

Overally, this was such an intriguing, enjoyable book (and, since I listened to the audiobook, Marc Thompson’s narration remained simply excellent). In true Star Wars fashion: the trilogy sequel means the bad guys win and the Thrawn Trilogy is no exception. I’ve read reviews on the first and third book in this series that say there isn’t that stuff in it but I’m having a hard time finding out about book 2. Mara probably is the standout character outside of the OG trilogy in this book, because she starts to have her own storyline, and I really felt bad for her when her decisions had consequences and she didn't really know what to do. As this was pre-prequels, we get to see his (now obsolete) views on the Clone Wars, how C'baoth became a Jedi (he went to the University before training as a Jedi!Luke could have had more chapters I felt because I like to see him showcase his powers more and show off that he's changed from that naive boy on Tatooine. As with Heir, the strengths of the book are Zahn's original characters, particularly Karrde, Mara Jade, and Grand Admiral Thrawn, and his plotting.

The Thrawn Trilogy, of which this is the second book, set the standard for "non-canon" star wars books and is still among the best in that group. Swan thought the book "feels tentative and inclusive; there doesn't seem to be enough material to justify a 144-page book.

While getting more interesting by the end and very entertaining when paired with luke skywalker, the scenes with her and Karrde were snorefests. Thrawn continued to impress as the main antagonist of the series, without whom the books would pretty much fall flat in my opinion. The north-flank AT-AT and its support vehicles were lagging noticeably behind the rest of the armored noose. Characters grapple with ethical dilemmas and the weight of their loyalties, adding depth to their arcs.

Pues en esta segunda entrega de la famosa Trilogía de la Nueva Republica nos encontramos con nuestro trio protagónico de la Trilogía Original (junto con Chewie y Lando que nunca falten) enfrentándose a las maquinaciones de Thrawn que llegan hasta la cúspide de la Nueva República en forma de agitación política. I raced through the book, I simply thought Zahn could have made it significantly tighter and better.Mientras Luke va en busca de ese supuesto Maestro Jedi el cual no para de llamarle en la Fuerza y del que tendrá que tener cuidado pues no es nada más y nada menos que el loco de Joruus C'baoth. Twi'Lek females are always sex slaves, and Jawas are scavengers that apparently can be found off their homeworld of Tatooine (weird, eh? A ver, entretenida es, eso no lo puedo negar, y entiendo que en su día esta fuera una trilogía bestseller porque hablamos que aquí se empezó el Universo Expandido de forma seria como lo conocemos y aquí se presentan muchos personajes y tramas que serán importantes en el futuro. Ackbar ha sido detenido por la presunta introducción de dinero sospechosamente imperial en su cuenta bancaria, mientras Fey´lya gana poder político aprovechándose de este acontecimiento para quitarse de encima a su mayor oponente dentro de la jerarquía republicana. Intrigue and spy craft at every turn all the while giving life to one of the Empire's most sadistic, cold-blooded ruthless dictators in History: Thrawn!

Un poco más de chicha hombre, y como se por encima que pasa en sagas como el Nido Oscuro o Legado de la Fuerza pues como fan estoy deseando leerlas. The pre-loved books are carefully cleaned and maintained offering a wide variety of general and specialist titles from children's to adults.

The whole mystery of the Katana fleet, mixed with the whole race to see who will get there first is already exciting enough. Though you may find yourself, as I did, skimming over more than a few redundant character conversations or internal debates. The fact that the late Emperor had seen fit to make Thrawn one of his twelve Grand Admirals was evidence of his own confidence in the man—all the more so given Thrawn’s not-entirely-human heritage and the Emperor’s well-known prejudices in such matters. Si, el libro está bien escrito, los personajes nuevos molan, y dentro de lo que cabe intenta mostrar un poco más de grises entre los rebeldes y no poner a todos los Imperiales de malosos (Pellaeon un grande), pero se nota que es hija de su tiempo y que esto es solo el principio y que sigue demasiado la estela de las primeras pelis que eran mas aventuras todo el rato de Han, Leia y Luke.

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