A Spanking for Mother & Daughter

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A Spanking for Mother & Daughter

A Spanking for Mother & Daughter

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My parents spanked me out of love when I was growing up because they wanted to instill good behavior in me, and I AM SO SO SOOOO GRATEFUL they did. I was 42 when my ex-wife reconnected with me, and the very first sexual act, we did together was to have me strip naked, and she took me over her lap and blistered my bare ass with your bare hand. I had practiced smoking cigarrettes for some time because I wanted to impress some peer group guys at school and I tried hard to get the smoke into my lungs without coughing.

Children are still developing, willful, demanding, and going to push you as far as they possibly can as often as they possibly can. Many child advocates and experts in child development contend that all forms of corporal punishment, including spanking, are harmful. And if you're not a pacifist, in what circumstances do you believe violence is an acceptable solution or remedy? Most of the time, she is just confused about something new and simply does not know yet how to handle it. At least from a Pro-Spanking perspective I can see that children are human beings who need to be taught that certain behaviors aren't acceptable and that their are immediate negative repercussions to their actions.And I cannot for the life of me understand how someone could ever justify lifting their hand on their child to hit them, it's unthinkable. I plan on spanking my kids just like my parents spanked me; and if the law in the US ever changes to disallow spanking, that's when I'll be moving to another country. When John first spanked Mary, she fell in love with him and since then he has spanked her mother, Linda and her daughter, Jennifer. You don't throw your kid over your lap and spank away like John Henry, but taking the above discipline away isn't just making generations of spoiled precious little snowflakes, it's going to put parents in a situation of either being charged with abuse, or neglect.

You might not see it now, but if you trust me as your provider and caretaker I will show you a path to luxury and richness of life filled with marvels and conquests. You do not need to make any physical contact with another person, or cause any injury to be charged and convicted with simple assault. If this were really about "the old days", then you'd think the grandma would understand and perhaps even appreciate the spanking. Some say that, combined with other methods of discipline, mild spanking of a small child is harmless and effective.

Furthermore, from your own link I showed you that in Texas and Pennsylvania, you don't even have to so much as touch someone, let alone "maim or injure" them. After all her daughter didn't get any bruises except red marks, everyone can have a breakdown from time to time and overreact, the fact she(the mother) controlled herself to a certain degree and didn't really injure her daughter is the important part. The examples about how you CAN spank your kid and they end up "fine" or if you DON'T spank your kid and they end up "not fine" are directly countered by the examples of those who don't spank their kids and they end up fine.

Debbie makes threats but never carries them through, and her laxness gives the girls leeway to misbehave and get away with it.When nose time was over I made it through the room, fetching my knickers, and off I went to my bedroom. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Cookie preferences, as described in the Cookie notice.

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