Aiwa - Exos-9 Bluetooth Speaker

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Aiwa - Exos-9 Bluetooth Speaker

Aiwa - Exos-9 Bluetooth Speaker

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Aiwa speakers are a good choice for anyone looking for a quality sound system. The company has a long history of producing quality audio equipment, and their speakers are no exception. They offer a wide range of models to choose from, so you can find the perfect set of speakers for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a simple stereo system or a high-end surround sound setup, Aiwa has a speaker system that will suit your needs. The PartyBox 1000 is the loudest in the PartyBox range and is intended for demanding environments like corporate events, parties, or entertainment venues. It does not have a battery, requiring a direct AC connection for power. Sound Quality AIWA EXOS 9 vs Yamaha WX021 Music Cast 20–Yamaha has a pretty good little speaker for a similar amount of money, although depending on the sale going on, you may even find EXOS 9 running at the same price as Musiccast 20, which is usually a bit less expensive. In terms of size, Yamaha is much smaller. This being said, EXOS 9 has a battery and can be used far from an electric outlet, while Music Cast 20 is a little speaker that is meant to be used only near electric outlets, and it cannot be used portably. The sound is larger from EXOS 9, has much more bass, hits much deeper, with more impact, is more punchy and more dynamic. This being said, the midrange is much clearer, has more warmth and is more detailed, with more soundstage, when coming from Yamaha, basically the two being quite different from each other. If you want a little solution to add some music to your home, one that will sound sweet, detailed and delicate, Music Cast 20 is still highly recommended, while if you want a larger, heavier speaker that will create a real party and make everyone jump, EXOS 9 should really do the job. The most amazing part of music is the emotional response it’s able to trigger. With that being said, feeling the power and dynamics of the music seriously helps with that response. That’s probably why you’re here in the first place.

EQ presets, 5 adjustable EQ bands, battery save mode, extended battery (sold separately), USB powerbank port When it comes to sound, we prefer Exos-9. It delivers much fuller, richer, and more powerful sound than the SounndTouch 30. To simplify things, two characteristics you can usually find in the specs list determine the max SPL of a speaker and can tell you how loud a speaker can be at max volume. The first one is the sensitivity (usually measured in dB at 1m distance while only 1W of power is supplied). The second one is the power rating (peak power output, to be more specific). The power output is measured in Watts (W). When you know these two values, you can tell how loud a speaker can be. You just need to know one more rule – when the power doubles, the SPL level increases by 3dB.Right at the top, there’s an LCD screen where you can see the EQ settings and presets, battery status, and selected source (AUX or Bluetooth). Right next to the LCD screen, there’s a large volume knob. There are 5 drivers inside the speaker, one large woofer, two mid drivers, and two tweeters. This is a large configuration for a single speaker, and the fact there are two midrange drivers, and two tweeters makes the sound kinda spacey, rather than a fully mono speaker that sounds entirely mono, like the Yamaha WX021 Music Cast 20 was. There is also an EQ built in the speaker, and I managed to get a tuning that I consider sounded best with it, regardless of the location you're listening to it from. One of the things that make this speaker special is the number of drivers. People from Aiwa managed to install five drivers (2 midrange woofers, 2 tweeters, and 1 subwoofer) and some high-quality crossovers inside this speaker. You won’t see that many drivers in a Bluetooth speaker that often. Most of the today’s Bluetooth speakers have woofers in charge of reproducing low and midrange frequencies but Aiwa decided to take a different approach and use both subwoofer (for lows) and 2 midrange woofers (for mids). The combination of these drivers and crossovers is the main reason for such a clear, balanced, and loud sound. This is also the main reason why you can find Aiwa Exos-9 in our list of 10 Loudest Bluetooth speakers and in the list of 20 Best Sounding Bluetooth Speakers . JBL Boombox is a supersized version of those very popular JBL Bluetooth speakers like JBL Charge, Extreme, or JBL Flip. It has the same cylindrical design with a strong waterproof fabric wrapped around the speaker. On the bottom, you have a rubberized base and, on the top, there’s a nice and durable handle. On the left and right ends, you have those recognizable JBL passive bass radiators. Nevertheless, the speaker “Exos-9” is to be understood as an homage to the best Aiwa times. For us, this is reason enough to take a close look at the device, which was released in 2015 and is currently on the upswing again. Design and Workmanship

Probably the greatest change, compared to the previous two SOUNDBOKS speakers, is in the driver arrangement and design. Consequently, these changes brought us a completely new, more refined sound signature, with a much better balance. The unit houses two large 10in woofers and one compression driver tweeter. Instead of front-firing bass reflex ports, the new SOUNDBOKS speaker has a large pulse reflex port (it’s basically a hole going through the speaker).

Are Aiwa Speakers Good?

Tailgater features a simple boxy design. The enclosure is made of MDF and has reinforcements along the edges. The corners are additionally reinforced. The whole speaker looks durable and very solid. There are two handles on the left and right ends so you can carry it around. Considering the size, adding a pair of wheels and a telescoping handle would’ve been a better idea. Audio power is often expressed in watts, with 10 watts being sufficient for most situations. However, larger rooms or outdoor settings may require more powerful speakers. 5. Waterproofing: I have used AIWA EXOS 9 for a while now and got used to its sound. This being said, I didn't have two speakers on hand to test the full stereo setup and how it works, so I'll be describing the sound of the speaker while it is just one, and used as it is, priced at 300 USD. I have used more than one source, including my smartphone, Xiaomi Mi Max 3, and even audiophile DAPs like iBasso DX220 to test the EXOS 9. The Bluetooth has good range and is reliable, I was able to still have good signal, no dropouts, and reliable connection even from across two rooms, larger in size. This means that you probably won't have issues even if you're actually using the speaker at a party and dancing around. The battery has a life of about 9 hours, for a moderate volume level, but that will be cut a bit shorter if you'll be using the speaker at its maximum volume, but in that case you'll surely either be at a rave, or have the cops called on you for noise disturbance, and I'm not half joking, this is a loud speaker at maximum volume. AIWA offers one year of official warranty for EXOS 9, but if you'll be taking care of it, I would imagine it will survive way longer, the only part that you'll need to eventually change being the battery, which can be found online for a few dollars. Given the 300 USD price point of the speaker, this is a good deal, and if you plan to hold a large party, having spare one or two spare batteries should get you through the night even if listening at full volume.

I have also made a full video review of EXOS 9 on Youtube, if you want to have a more visual take: Soundboks has focused on balancing loudness and portability with this new speaker. Unlike the Soundboks 3, the Go measures only slightly larger than competitors like the Hyperboom or Boombox 2 and weighs a much more manageable 20 pounds. Now, while this is still no lightweight speaker, carrying a Soundboks product in one hand is possible. Another great feature of the PartyBox 310 is its portability. Despite its size, the telescopic handle and smooth gliding wheels make it easy to transport, perfect for house parties, outdoor gatherings, street performers, and storefront businesses. The 18-hour battery life is also impressive, meaning you can enjoy the music for an extended period without worrying about charging the speaker.

How Many Db Is The Aiwa Exos-9?

In terms of desktop usage, you have a nice combination of factors that make EXOS 9 a really amazing speaker to use while sitting at your desk, or while having a party in your home. Exos-9 looks like a good old boombox player. It resembles the old Aiwa boomboxes but it’s stylized and more attractive. The manufacturers usually advertise the playtime without offering any info about the volume at which the playtime was measured. Aiwa was more honest than other manufacturers – they claim that you can get up to 10 hours at 85dB (but it’s really hard to tell what is 85dB since the volume level is not displayed on the LCD screen). We have managed to get 9 hours at 50% volume but only 3-4 hours at full volume. The battery life and playtime depend on the volume but also on the type of music (bass heavy music means more subwoofer movement which further means shorter playtime). The Ultimate Ears Hyperboom is undoubtedly an exceptional portable speaker that provides many benefits to its users. One of the primary advantages of this device is its ease of use and compatibility with a wide range of devices. Fact 1 : The human ear is a very complex and very sensitive organ. The smallest change in loudness (aka SPL or Sound Pressure Level) an average ear can perceive is 1dB.

Maintain a Safe Distance: Position yourself at a safe distance from loudspeakers to minimize the risk of hearing damage. The closer you are to the source of the sound, the higher the intensity and the greater the potential for harm. Since then, I have become much more careful around radios, boomboxes, and other audio devices (at least, I like to think so) but I have never lost the passion for audio equipment. Throughout 20 years of my professional career, I’ve been working for various audio equipment manufacturers and even started building speakers on my own in my little workshop.Prioritize sound quality when choosing a Bluetooth speaker. Opt for one with a total harmonic distortion below 1% and a solid frequency response. Lower distortion levels result in better audio quality, while a wider frequency response range indicates better bass and treble capabilities. 3. Size: The sound quality is what made Aiwa Exos-9 so popular but it’s not the only good thing about this speaker. The battery inside the speaker is pretty good (but there are some confusing things about the battery we are going to discuss). We also liked the facts that Exos-9 features USB powerbank port for charging phones/tablets and that you can customize the EQ settings by using onboard EQ controls. Exos-9 can be paired wirelessly with another Exos-9 speaker and you can choose between 2 modes – dual stereo and stereo separated (we are going to explain these two modes later).

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