Alpine PartyPlug Ear Plugs for Concerts – Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs for Party and Clubbing – 21dB Premium Hearing Protection Against Loud Sound & Party Music – 1 Pair Reusable Earplugs (Transparent)

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Alpine PartyPlug Ear Plugs for Concerts – Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs for Party and Clubbing – 21dB Premium Hearing Protection Against Loud Sound & Party Music – 1 Pair Reusable Earplugs (Transparent)

Alpine PartyPlug Ear Plugs for Concerts – Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs for Party and Clubbing – 21dB Premium Hearing Protection Against Loud Sound & Party Music – 1 Pair Reusable Earplugs (Transparent)

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Moreover, we really like the EarDial companion app– available on the Play Store and App Store– for its straightforward approach to ear safety. Overall, the PartyPlug Pro earplugs have something for everybody and should be a safe universal choice for most concert fanatics. However, the one-size-fits-all approach of their ear tips may not work for everyone. Those with larger ear canals might find that the warping affects the quality or doesn’t give the fit they want. The linear filter creates an even balance of sound coming through the earplugs, no matter what part of the spectrum that sound is from. Where some earplugs will mute dull high-pitched shrieks or deep bass beats, this filter will keep them intact relative to other sounds. In other words, you can expect even performance across the sound spectrum.

The Alpine Partyplug only provides medium sound reduction. This is insufficient for shooting. Swimming Add to that the high-fidelity acoustic filters these earplugs utilize that allow concert-goers to enjoy music clearly while preserving their hearing. This means you’ll still hear the music at a reduced dB rating, but without the muffled ‘blurry’ quality foam earplugs give. Alpine PartyPlug earplugs attenuate the higher tones a bit more. These earplugs for music and partying offer good protection, don’t make you feel isolated and allow you to hear conversations well. They are comfortable for hours and the music also remains properly audible. If you for instance use the earplugs for going out or an occasional festival, the PartyPlug is a good choice for you. But if you go to concerts to really enjoy the music, the PartyPlug Pro Natural is one of the best ear plugs for festivals. The main advantage of the Alpine PartyPlug earplugs is that they are barely invisible when worn. They provide medium sound reduction. For these two reasons, they are often used for clubs or concerts. Alpine PartyPlug Pro Natural earplugs have linear filters, with an average attenuation of 21 decibels. The sound level of a concert or festival is usually between 90 and 103 decibels. As such, the Alpine PartyPlug Pro Natural earplugs reduce the sound to below 80-82 decibels. You can safely spend the entire day (8 hours) at this level.

The EarPeace Concert Earplugs are made of soft silicone that slides in and out of the ears very smoothly. There is no hard plastic or scratchy surface to damage your ears. Additionally, the soft silicone won’t push too firmly against the edges of your ear canal, reducing total pressure in the ears. The Alpine Partyplug is not a good choice for sleeping. The attenuation is too weak and the stiff stem of the plug is uncomfortable. Shooting You’re looking for filter earplugs for use during festivals, concerts and going out. Which offer you good hearing protection but still allow you to enjoy the music. In terms of universal hearing protection, Alpine offers you the PartyPlug and the PartyPlug Pro Natural. What is the difference and which one is the best choice for you? The filters are the biggest difference. The PartyPlug Pro Natural has linear attenuation (dampening) filters and the PartyPlug has non-linear attenuation filters. We’ll explain exactly what this means. In reality, there are many types of earplugs, including pre-molded earplugs, flat attenuating earplugs, semi-insert plugs, and more.

When compared to the original PartyPlug earplugs, you’ll be able to see a big difference in overall quality. The originals didn’t have the linear filter or some other cool accessories you’ll see with the PartyPlug Pro earplugs, like the addition of cleaning spray or a carrying cord.The EarDial HiFi Earplugs are tiny, thinly built, and practically invisible. If you’re looking for the perfect earplugs for a friend that finds using them embarrassing, these are your best choice.

One of their highlights is the low 11 dB NRR rating. While this could be a negative for some, they make the perfect earplugs for concerts that are just a tad too loud. Linear or flat attenuation. You might have seen these terms used in relation to earplugs. But what do they actually mean? The meaning of both terms is the same. It is a property of filter earplugs which are perfect for listening to music. Thanks to linear attenuation filters, you hear the music as it was meant to be heard. They just reduce the volume to a safe level. Ideal for musicians and festival- and concertgoers. The Alpine PartyPlug Pro Natural earplugs have this type of filter.


The Partyplug is a respectable choice for listening to music of medium loudness. The sound quality is acceptable. In addition, the earplugs are not very visible when worn. That makes them a good choice for bars, pubs, not very loud concerts, and similar venues. The Partyplug is a rather weak earplug and does not provide sufficient protection for really loud concerts (only 8.8dB at 63 Hz up to only 25.4dB at 2000Hz). If the music is really loud, then stronger earplugs should be used. Foam earplugs are usually stronger. A good choice for a foam earplug is the Bilsom 303 due to its good sound quality for a foam earplug. If sound quality is important, then by far the best choice are the custom molded ER15 or ER25 earplugs, but they are much more expensive. Also have a look at our article on listening to music. Invisibility Among these types, there are those that are specifically made for each activity. Some hearing protection devices are great for mowing or shooting, but won’t work well with concerts. The app allows you to record local sounds and tells you how long you’ll be safe in that environment with your EarDial earplugs in. It even has a list of phone models to calibrate to, thus enhancing accuracy. The ear and one’s perception of sound are very complex. Very simply put, we have the volume of sound, which is usually measured in decibels. And the frequency of sound, or the pitch. The high frequencies are more damaging to one’s hearing than the low ones. Therefore, most hearing protectors attenuate higher frequencies more than low ones.

colors of loop mute filter pairs: The loop mute filters are what make the Loop Experience Pro so cool! Just pop them into the outer loop of your earplugs to reduce the sound by an extra 5 dB. sizes of silicone ear tip pairs: The sizes range from extra-small to large, so you’re likely to find something that will fit you best. While many earplugs have parts that are transparent, the inner filter parts are usually opaque or have a darker color. Not so with the EarDial HiFi earplugs, which are transparent throughout. Everything from the stem to the earwax protection valve in the deepest parts of your ear are made with soft, hypoallergenic silicone. Obviously, the big draw of the Loop Experience Pro are the loop mute filter inserts. Visually, they look like they would do absolutely nothing to reduce incoming sound, but they do work. Just fit them into the outer ring to reduce noise; no battery or electric parts required.More attenuation in the higher frequencies also has a disadvantage. The music doesn’t sound exactly the same as when you’re not using earplugs. Still, the difference is mainly audible to people who really listen to the music carefully. You hear the low tones a bit louder relative to the high ones. That’s why the Alpine PartyPlug Pro Natural earplugs have linear attenuation filters. They attenuate roughly the same amount of decibels over all frequencies. This causes a minimal distortion of the music. In other words: you hear the music in exactly the same way, but at a lower volume. This graph displays the difference in attenuation well. Allergic reactions to silicone are rare. Many people allergic to silicone develop red, itchy rashes after exposure. Getting earplugs for concerts might seem counterintuitive. You’re at the concert to hear music, after all. The Loop Experience Pro Earplugs come as a 14-piece set with many parts to mix and match. It is all of these parts that make the Loop Experience Pro so customizable, so let’s take a look at them one by one:

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