RONSEAL DPN5L Decking Protector Natural 5 Litre

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RONSEAL DPN5L Decking Protector Natural 5 Litre

RONSEAL DPN5L Decking Protector Natural 5 Litre

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We brushed on a light coat of this spar urethane, and it went on smoothly and uniformly. It has strong fumes, so we opened a window and turned on a fan while working with the product. This sealer takes slightly longer to dry than some of the others we tested, and the manufacturer suggests a minimum of three coats, so we applied the subsequent coats 4 hours apart. We then waited a recommended 3 days after the final application before starting our tests.

After allowing the sealer to cure for 24 hours, we put it to the test. Water beaded up and ran right off, but the sealant offered hardly any protection from sand scratches. We considered the ability to dry rapidly as an asset if time is a factor. Within 1 hour of applying the second coat, the board was bone dry, and the sealer left no visible film on the surface. When completely dry, we tested for water resistance by spraying the board with a hose. On the untreated section of the board, the water soaked in. On the section treated with Seal-Once, the water beaded up and ran off. We positioned each test board outdoors to receive UV rays in a spot where it would be subject to the elements for a month. The temperature dipped below freezing at least 11 nights during the test phase. At the end of the month, we inspected each board for any signs of peeling and we tested again for water resistance. After a month outdoors, the section treated with SmartGuard still repelled water, and while we could not see any surface film whatsoever, we did notice that the wood on the treated section still looked newer than the untreated section. This sealer protects without leaving a visible trace. Finally, we left the board outdoors for a month of harsh sun rays, wind, rain, and even freezing nighttime temps. After which, we scrubbed the board clean with a nylon-bristle brush and an all-purpose household cleaner and let it dry. We then tested once more for water resistance, and the water again beaded up on the sealed section of the board. While we don’t know how this sealer would survive a harsh winter or a couple of summers, it held up well in our 1-month testing window.Although a water based product, brushes must be washed with white spirit due to the high content of hydrophobic oils and wax. Washing with water is not suitable. If wax builds up on the brush mid-application, wash with white spirit before continuing to will improve the ease of application. Once a month in the sun and elements had gone by, we gave the board a good scrubbing. Thompson’s WaterSeal Transparent sealer continued to protect the wood from moisture, as the water beaded up and ran off. We will be happy to organise an exchange for the correct goods at no extra charge to yourself, please get in touch to organise this. Faulty Items Thompson’s WaterSeal Clear Wood Sealer is one of the best options on this list for superior protection against water damage. Why Trust Bob Vila

After a month in the sun, wind, and rain, we scrubbed the board with a brush and all-purpose cleaner, let it dry, and retested it for water resistance. The water beaded up once again. The unsealed section of the board had weathered some, but the part sealed with Varathane’s spar sealer was still bright and new looking. Only apply the product onto wood that is fully dry. Ensure the temperature is between 5 and 25 degrees Celsius and there is no imminent rain forecast. Do not apply in damp or humid conditions. Failure to meet these requirements may adversely affect the drying and durability of the finish. After sprinkling on the sand and walking on it, we did notice scratches on the sealed section, but the scratches did not reveal fresh (unstained) wood beneath. This suggested to us that the sealer had penetrated deeper than just the surface of the wood. Cost: Oil-based sealers are usually less expensive than water-based products, which can cost twice as much per gallon.

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It’s designed to penetrate deep into the wood to replace the natural oils lost over time through weathering, and to offer deep-seated protection against splitting and drying, while the tinted oil brings out the colour in greyed wood for a fresh look. Environmental concerns: Water-based sealers emit fewer toxic fumes, making them less irritating to the eyes and lungs during application and better for the environment overall. Thompson’s WaterSeal Clear Wood Sealer’s penetrating protection will provide a robust defense against the elements without changing the wood’s natural color or adding a sheen. This makes it well suited to exterior woods with desirable coloring such as cedar and redwood.

This water-based formula won’t harm the surrounding lawn or outdoor plants. It’s odorless, low in VOCs, and nontoxic to people and pets. We didn’t detect even a slight odor during application. It stood up well after a month in the elements and a good scrubbing. It still shed water, and the wood beneath looked new and fresh, although the surface film that was so noticeable before seemed to have faded some. Water-based sealers: A coat of water-based sealer typically dries to the touch within 1 to 3 hours as long as the temperature is between 60 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity is 50 percent or lower. Users can apply a second coat a few hours after the sealer is dry to the touch. Cure time (when the sealer has dried sufficiently for placing heavy furniture or walking) can be up to 24 hours.This clear Thompson’s WaterSeal repelled water as well as the transparent product, and it seemed to withstand scratches even better. We couldn’t find any scratches on the sealed section of this test board, so we set it out to weather the elements for a month. Once the month was up and the board was scrubbed and dried, the clear sealer repelled water just as well as before, and the wood beneath the sealed section still looked fresh and new while the untreated area had weathered some. Sheen: While water-based sealers rarely provide a finished sheen on the wood’s surface, oil-based sealers will often impart a slight sheen. Oils often come in natural colours or clear, and enhance the natural appearance of your wood,' explains Jimmy Englezos, senior product manager at Sherwin-Williams.

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