HOZELOCK - Universal Irrigation Kit : Ideal for Watering Borders, Flowerbeds and Vegetable Gardens, Easydrip Universal Drippers/sprinklers, Supplied with 15m of Ø 13mm Hose [7023 0000]

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HOZELOCK - Universal Irrigation Kit : Ideal for Watering Borders, Flowerbeds and Vegetable Gardens, Easydrip Universal Drippers/sprinklers, Supplied with 15m of Ø 13mm Hose [7023 0000]

HOZELOCK - Universal Irrigation Kit : Ideal for Watering Borders, Flowerbeds and Vegetable Gardens, Easydrip Universal Drippers/sprinklers, Supplied with 15m of Ø 13mm Hose [7023 0000]

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Programming instructions on the dial are easy to follow for those not used to programming an automatic timer. We’ve made the Brentmoor Slow Release Tree Watering Bags the Runner-up in our review of Watering Kits and Systems for Newly Planted Trees. We like that it’s simple to use and inexpensive, and provides a low-tech solution for those who have just a couple of new trees in their garden. This is a watering system that provides drip irrigation to the tree’s roots through aptly named drippers. The kit comes with 10 universal drippers connected by a hose. Each dripper delivers water to up to 100cm diameter of soil (10m 2 total). Stake these in the soil around your tree, connect the hose to your garden hose and outside water tap and you’re ready to go. You connect each bag around the tree trunk using the zipper it has and the separate strap (included). However, if your tree is too large for one bag, just zip two bags together and fill each bag with water (using your garden hose) separately. Just refill the bags when you want to deliver the next dose of water to the trees – once or twice a week is usually enough, depending on the weather. The cleverly engineered Universal Drippers can be easily connected to the Flexi Hose and are designed to deliver water from 0 to 40 litres per hour to the surrounding area

Whatever irrigation system you’ve set up for your young or newly planted trees, the Orbit 96781 ‘Buddy HF’ Single-Port Digital Tap Timer allows you to automate the entire watering process. Connect the timer to your outside tap and connect your garden hose to the timer. Being a single-port timer, you can only attach one hose to it, however. The HF in the timer’s name stands for High Flow, in that it delivers 20% more water flow than most other timers. As well as saving water by scheduling the sessions, there’s also a rain delay feature of one to seven days. This halts watering your trees after heavy rain for the time period you select. If the weather turns unexpectedly hot, use the manual “water now” function rather than reprogramming the entire schedule. Doing this doesn’t change the programming you’ve already set. Some online users report that a downside of this timer is that it’s a bit noisy. Pros The bag capacity is 75L of water, released slowly over five to seven hours for even and sustained watering of your trees. The Orbit 96781 ‘Buddy HF’ Single-Port Digital Tap Timer has all the features to help you plan your watering schedule for any newly planted trees. It handles anything from a simple ‘one session a day’ schedule to a complicated timetable of several watering periods a day separated by an interval of time or a few days. The rain delay feature lets you temporarily and automatically cancel watering during a rainy period. Unfortunately, you can only connect one hose to this Orbit timer. If you have a complicated irrigation system, look at other Orbit timers (there’s quite a range) or figure out how to split the one hose into more within the system using multi-connectors. You will need to buy the timer separately to automate this watering system. This is not essential because you can just turn the tap on manually when needed.Instead of writing a detailed Buyer’s Guide here for each of the product types in this review, here are links to similar products that we review. When your young trees are established and settled in, you may be interested in establishing some plants underneath them. Our article 10 of the best plants for underneath trees provides useful information on this.

In this review, we take a look at different watering systems that do the job well, specifically a drip watering system, a soaker hose, and a low-tech bag irrigation system. As none of these are automated when you buy them, we have included a review of an Orbit water timer.

Drip irrigation is a gentle way of watering plants and trees. The trees are vulnerable after being moved to their new location and the last thing they want is a strong blast of water, plus the water runs away from the base of the tree. These Brentmoor bags deliver 75L of water over a period of five to seven hours. The water goes down directly to the tree’s roots, eliminating run-off and evaporation from the surface. This saves you money, in not using water that’s wasted, but also helps out the environment. Easily and accurately regulate how much water each dripper delivers ensuring your plants get the water they need to thrive. The Brentmoor Slow Release Tree Watering Bags system provides a simple and inexpensive way of caring for newly planted or transplanted trees. It does require some effort on your part to fill and remember to refill the bags with water, but that’s relatively minimal compared to the benefits of the drip irrigation system. For just a few trees, you don’t need to invest in an expensive system and an automated timer. By programming the optimum watering schedule into a timer, you won’t be constantly anxious about remembering when you last watered these vulnerable plants. Yes, there is manual effort involved in filling up the bags with water using your garden hose. And remembering when to do so. But if you have just a couple of new trees to look after, it doesn’t take long each time – simply set a reminder on your phone to do so. Pros

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