The Ladykiller: A deadly thriller filled with shocking twists

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The Ladykiller: A deadly thriller filled with shocking twists

The Ladykiller: A deadly thriller filled with shocking twists

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A heroine and a villain with very diverse lives, believes and way of life have one thing in common, catching a sadistic sexual serial killer whose out to destroy a way of life. While the villain lost his child to the ladykiller Kate, our heroine, almost lost her daughter to effects of an emotional abusive father, drugs and sex. I call this my Holy Water, it's as good as a tonic. My cousin from Coleraine sends it to me, may God bless her and keep her. It's the mountain water that gives it the taste. You know her name's actually Katie Daly. It's true." I am angry that an otherwise interesting series would be ruined with such spurious idiocy. Jot down the name of the killer from each episode and find a different documentary about her. Maybe the other documentary will mention the misconception only once and in a way to indicate that it is truly foolish. Martina Cole's continuous "Wemen serial killers are bizaree especially ones that are mothers!" nonsense was so continuous and so obviously (given the theme of the series) wrong that I couldn't stand it anymore. I bailed before the end of the third episode.

Kate Burrows is a DI (Detective Inspector), the Filth to some. I really liked her. She was strong, independent, sassy, stood up for herself and didn't really take any shite from anyone. There's no excuse for it. By 2008, we already knew about Aileen Wuornos, Sante Kimes, Judy Buenoano, and many others. Society was over the misconception by 2008 (I know, I was there), so why was Martina Cole underscoring it, saying it several times an episode? Aside from that statement about rhesus D positive that Mrs. Cole made (which I believe is false but given the time the book was written, I allow room for error), this was a gripping, dark yet highly entertaining and fast pace read. Everything I want in my thriller. The story is told from multiple perspectives and it really gives readers a full view of every aspect of the story. Normally with multiple point of view stories, I find one a lot more interesting then the other(s). This certainly wasn't the case with this book! Every single chapter, regardless of the pov, I found that I was addicted and completely drawn into the story. This one was extremely hard to put down! While British slang is in abundance its not enough to drag you or the story and the writing style is easy to digest.


Another mammoth read from Martina and another - in my opinion - five star book. An unputdownable read that I have just spent the last two hours finishing, and that's the thing about Martina's books. They keep you reading long into the night, 1.30am to be precise. Thank God the tale was spun via multiple povs as this added flesh and relief to a rather dark tale. Cole aside from showing the makings of a serial killer touched on motherhood, sexism at work, violence, love, family, prostitution, organized crime, corruption, substance abuse, sex. I would have preferred the Grantley Ripper case to be solved in a different method to the one chosen by the author, however, I then understood her reasoning behind this decision and it made sense. I would have also preferred shorter chapters as they are a bit longish.

All circumstances and story lines in the book are also very believable. The murders are all gruesome and different. Katie Daly' had been one of this mother's favourite songs. It was about a girl who made poteen, an illegal Irish whiskey, and the troops who came to arrest her. This book is very realistic as it shows what horrible consequences sexual, physical and emotional abuse of children can bring about. The monster in this novel is the production of such abuse. It makes you shudder to think that nowadays in real life there are children suffering the same things this murderer has suffered as a boy. By the end I have to say that I even felt pity for this sadistic killer. I was 'pressed' into reading this book by my dear wife who has practically devoured it on a recent holiday and who without divulging any details has spent all holiday telling me what a great book she was reading. I expected to like this series. I grant the cases themselves were interesting. I had never heard of Amelia Dyer before and I've been watching true crime for decades.Beyond the surface they have quite in common despite their differences and this will be the edge that'll enable them to catch the killer before he unravels.'

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