TRANSFORMERS Toys Rise of the Beasts Movie, Deluxe Class Bumblebee Action Figure – Ages 6 and up, 12.5 cm

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TRANSFORMERS Toys Rise of the Beasts Movie, Deluxe Class Bumblebee Action Figure – Ages 6 and up, 12.5 cm

TRANSFORMERS Toys Rise of the Beasts Movie, Deluxe Class Bumblebee Action Figure – Ages 6 and up, 12.5 cm

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Portuguese: Transformers: O Despertar das Feras (Brazil, "Transformers: The Awakening of the Beasts") Kroll, Justin (April 1, 2021). " 'Transformers': Anthony Ramos Eyed To Star In Next Installment For Paramount, eOne And Hasbro Franchise". Deadline Hollywood. Archived from the original on May 1, 2021 . Retrieved April 30, 2021. Bumblebee dies in Transformers: Rise of the Beasts. Scourge killed him during their first meeting, as Bee tried to save Optimus Prime from getting killed. Bee got himself killed instead of Prime, as Scourge exemplified him. However, thanks to the Energon-rich terrain of Peru, Bumblebee was revived.

Visual lain yang berhasil bikin saya kagum di Rise of the Beasts adalah visual pada saat momen final battle film ini. Pertarungannya ditempatkan di lokasi yang cukup mencekam. Ditambah lagi, momen ini juga memperlihatkan bahwa Maximals ternyata bisa bertransformasi menjadi bentuk robot yang bisa berdiri tegak seperti Autobots dan Terrorcons. Lalu, ada momen kejutan lainnya yang mana Noah bisa melakukan fusi dengan Mirage yang membuatnya terlihat seperti Iron Man!Tobe Nwigwe as Reek, Noah's friend who talks him into grand theft auto. [12] [13] The character was based on a mutual best friend of Caple's, who died prior to filming in 2021. [14] April 2, 2023 — During the 2023 NCAA Division I Men's Final Four on CBS, Paramount aired a first-of-its-kind mixed reality TV spot that showed off Optimus Prime and Optimus Primal appearing on a 90s basketball court that transformed from the court the actual basketball match was being played on. A few brief clips from the first trailer were also shown. [59] Sippell, Margeaux (January 2, 2019). " 'Bumblebee' Screenwriter Hints About 'Birds of Prey,' 'Batgirl' and Why She Writes About Female Superheroes". Variety. Archived from the original on January 4, 2019 . Retrieved March 28, 2021. Dominguez, Noah (May 11, 2023). "Transformers: Rise of the Beasts Hypes Its Early IMAX Release Date". CBR . Retrieved June 11, 2023. Atad, Corey (June 22, 2021). " 'Transformers 7' Title Announced: 'Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts' ". ET Canada. Archived from the original on August 27, 2021 . Retrieved August 27, 2021.

a b c " Transformers: Rise of the Beasts (2023)". The Numbers. Nash Information Services, LLC . Retrieved August 13, 2023. Lui, John (May 8, 2023). "Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts to hold world premiere in Singapore on May 27". The Straits Times. Archived from the original on May 9, 2023 . Retrieved May 9, 2023. When proposing different alternate modes to Noah, Mirage briefly turns into a F1 car, a reference to his Generation 1 counterpart's alternate mode. He also turns into a Lamborghini Countach, which wasn't just a really cool car, but also famous in Transformers lore for being the alternate mode of Generation 1 Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, and Red Alert. He then claims that he can also turn into a Ferrari, the alternate mode of Dark of the Moon Dino, whose name in media outside of that movie was "Mirage". After a Decade in Limbo, Brian Robbins Is Giving Paramount a Makeover With ‘Ninja Turtles,’ Tom Cruise and ‘Gladiator 2’ Scourge injures Prime's left flank in the museum battle, which mirrors the injuries Megatron gave to the original Optimus Prime in The Transformers: The Movie. Prime even grasps the wound in the same way his predecessor did.During an interview with a fan, voice actor David Sobolov revealed that Caple Jr. would create storyboards using Transformers toys. Awesome! [73] I am Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots. We have lost the Transwarp Key, and with it, our ability to go home. But we have gained an ally in our battle against the forces of evil. Forces too powerful for any of us to defeat on our own, but together, we might just have a chance." Transformers: Rise of the Beasts' Trailer Sets Viewership Records for Paramount with 494 Million Global Views". December 9, 2022. Archived from the original on December 10, 2022 . Retrieved December 10, 2022.

In a glorious homage to the 2007 movie, the musical highlight of Steve Jablonsky's "Arrival to Earth" plays as Optimus, Noah, and Primal escape the collapsing transwarp portal's suction. So for now, let the battle be here, on this strange, primitive world. And let it be called... Beast Wars! Even if his fate is reversed in the end, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is better off because of Bumblebee's death. The movie has a big cast of Autobots and Maximals to explore, as well as introduce new human leads. Bumblebee is too big of a character to be completely ignored or pushed to the sideline, but Transformers: Rise of the Beasts needed to turn its attention elsewhere. That is why it made sense for the movie to kill him. Without Bumblebee around, the franchise had the freedom to elevate Mirage and Arcee's roles, fully explore the Maximals, and more. When Scourge walks away with the second half of the key, his left arm switches from the claw to the cannon between shots.Transformers: Rise of the Beasts was released on Digital HD on July 11, 2023, and was released on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD on October 10, 2023. [82] Reception [ edit ] Box office [ edit ] But what's interesting is, and you will appreciate this as a fan, at the end of Bumblebee, Optimus comes to Earth. What he's experienced is failure, probably for the first time in his life, right? He's had to retreat, he's leaving the planet Cybertron. What's happened to him from that experience? When we meet him in 2007, he's a particular person, if you would. In 1994, he's not the same person. He still has growth to do between ‘94 and 2007. So the character arc for Optimus in this, and the fun for the audience is, when you first meet Optimus – and we've had this experience because we've watched it with audiences and we've heard them talk about it – they're like, “It's definitely Optimus, but there's something a little different…” At first, they're like, “Wait, what, who… what Optimus is this?” And by the end of the movie, Optimus has become the guy that you've recognized from the Bay movies. Emotional."— Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Collider, "'Transformers: Rise of the Beasts' Producer on How It Differs From Michael Bay's Movies", 2023/05/24 Extract from an interview with Caple Jr. on the Empire Spoiler Specials podcast, via May 2, 2020 — Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner confirms that a new Transformers live-action movie is slated to release on June 24, 2022. However, only one between Harold's Bumblebee sequel and Vanderbilt's Beast Wars film will make it to production first.

Guerra, Joey (July 15, 2021). "Houston's Tobe Nwigwe earns Emmy nom, 'Transformers' role". Houston Chronicle. Archived from the original on July 15, 2021 . Retrieved July 16, 2021. Even after establishing an impact for his death, Bumblebee is resurrected in Transformers: Rise of the Beasts. He makes a triumphant return to action during the third act battle, as he jumps out of Stratosphere and enters the fight against Scourge, the Terrorcons, and the Predacons. Bumblebee ultimately plays a pivotal role in helping the team stop Unicron's invasion of Earth and is at the center of the finale's thrilling battles. There might be some confusion about how Bumblebee's resurrection happens in Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, though, as the movie mostly glosses over the specifics of his return to life. Elena sings "Waterfalls" by TLC to calm herself down. Assuming the film takes place in June, it would still be a few months until the November 1994 release of the album CrazySexyCool, which the song first appeared on. As Optimus Prime looks up at Unicron arriving at the mouth of the portal, Arcee can be seen scuttling about blasting Sweeps; except her blasters produce no laser effects.A TV screen briefly shows news coverage of the O.J. Simpson white Ford Bronco car chase, which places the events of the film near June 17, 1994. Elena audibly whimpering in Bumblebee as he drives through hoards of Sweeps does not match her lips.

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