Empress 1908 Gin - Small Batch Distilled - All Natural - 70cl

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Empress 1908 Gin - Small Batch Distilled - All Natural - 70cl

Empress 1908 Gin - Small Batch Distilled - All Natural - 70cl

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Empress 1908 is a slightly contemporary style gin with a heady citrus, juniper and coriander accord that takes copious cues from gin’s 300 year history. I further like Empress 1908 Gin paired with fresh citrus. A Tom Collins is a nice drink here. Skip the Gimlet unless you’re using some fresh lime or homemade cordial. Overall, Empress 1908 Gin While one may be inclined to think Empress’s bright violet color is the result of additives or other food coloring, in reality it’s 100 percent natural. The bright violet hue actually comes from butterfly pea blossom, which was chosen by distillers to give the gin deep, earthy notes that balance the traditional citrus-forward flavors in the spirit. The flower providing an eye-catching blue color was actually an unexpected discovery. While testing the tea blend that would make it into the final version of Empress, distillers discovered that the blossom, which is a part of the Blue Suede Shoes tea blend, transmits the purple hue.

Asda Spirits Buyer Ryan Ormrod said: ''Gin is a much-loved British icon, and with the addition of colour-changing qualities, we know our customers will go wild for the new bottles as we help whet their appetites for quality, novelty gin. What first catches the eye about this gin is its unusual purple colour, which immediately arouses curiosity. Then there is the modern bottle design and the seductive aroma that Empress 1908 Gin exudes. Because when you open the bottle, your nose is treated to a delicate smell of butterfly flowers, citrus and Fairmont Empress House Teas. The pleasure of this gin reaches its peak as soon as you can no longer resist and try a sip. The typical juniper flavour paired with rose and grapefruit promises a fruity, spicy taste experience that lingers on the tongue for a long time. Handcrafted Gin Where most gins on the market use citrus botanicals like lemon or orange in their blends, Empress is made with grapefruit peel instead. According to the brand, the unusual ingredient provides a distinct aromatic experience and slightly bitter, somewhat sweet herbal notes that pair well with gin’s favorite mixer — tonic. Empress is committed to reducing its footprint. Prior to India’s independence in 1950, the country’s residents referred to British kings and queens as Emperor and Empress. In 1877, Queen Victoria, the namesake for Victoria, B.C. where Empress 1908 is made, became the first Empress of India. While Empress was founded and is still produced in Victoria, two uncommon ingredients in the gin — cinnamon and ginger — just so happen to be two of the most popular spices in India and serve as a nod to Canada’s commonwealth sibling. Empress isn’t afraid to switch up its citrus. Empress 1908 Gin is a produced by Victoria Distillers in the coastal area of British Columbia, Canada. Founded in 2008, Victoria Distillers produces a variety of spirits including Gin, Vodka, Brandy, and more. Their products are handcrafted in small batches, and the distillery itself is designed with a focus on sustainability – transferring the excess heat from production into a geothermal system that helps power the hotel next door.

Indigo Gin

Are you a magician with a side job as a bartender? A bartender with a side job as a magician..? Or, perhaps you just like cool gin… Whatever your profession, you NEED to know about this mind-blowing ginnovation (we’re leaving a moment here for you to applaud that incredible portmanteau). The doors of the Fairmont Empress Hotel opened in 1908. It is situated in Victoria, British Columbia Canada and looks over the city’s renowned harbor. Empress 1908 Gin is named for and inspired by the hotel’s century plus of history. The butterfly pea blossom has a natural indigo hue that transforms to a delicate soft pink with the addition of citrus or tonic. Empress 1908, is an indigo gin from Victoria Distillers in British Columbia. The gin has now been launched into the UK market following a successful trial. Towards the finish, earthy coriander, green tea, and bulky, dry cinnamon (with no red hot character) stew on the edges of the palate. Radiant heat from the base spirit gives these notes some length— but warmth is the primary character that remains after sipping.

But, you will need to grab your broom because the show-stopping gin is set to be a popular in the run up to Christmas. Empress 1908 Gin is rather by the numbers as far as palate goes. The citrus is big and dominant, and for that reason I think it leans contemporary. The brand was launched in Canada early last year, followed by a successful rollout across the US. The gin was trialled over a four-week period at Arc Inspirations, where almost 800 bottles of the gin were sold over the period, accounting for 73% of its premium gin sales. Aware of the amounts of water and energy necessary to distill spirits, Victoria Distillers is committed to reducing its climate impact wherever possible. As such, the distillery partnered with its neighbor, the Sidney Pier Hotel, to use a closed-loop system during distillation that recaptures heat and water used in the distilling process and transfers it to energy that’s used at the hotel next door. This closed-loop system connects the distillation stills to a geothermal system that powers units used to heat each of the hotel rooms next door. Through this system, Victoria Distillers is able to save approximately 1,500 gallons of water and is able to transfer 850,000 BTUs of energy to the hotel per distillation. Through this project, the distillery hopes to save 1,384,000 gallons of water and transfer a total of over 727 million BTUs to Sidney Pier Hotel per year. It’s Insta-famous.The palate has a hint of rose early. If you’re looking for an overtly floral gin— this isn’t it. Ripe, boiled grapefruit, resinous juniper cones take hold mid-palate. As if by magic, the deep indigo gin turns pink when it is mixed with a tonic of your choice, or citrus. This particular bottle of Gin was created in collaboration with the famous Fairmont Empress Hotel in British Columbia, well-known for its afternoon high tea. One of the 8 natural botanicals included in Empress 1908 is the signature Fairmont Empress Tea, a fancy tea blend commonly served at the hotel. Other botanicals include butterfly pea blossom, juniper, grapefruit peel, coriander seed, cinnamon bark, rose petal, and ginger root. This gin is distilled using small batch copper-pot stills, and not aged. The Empress 1908 Gin is a creation of Victoria Distillers. Actually, this distillery was known for its unique liqueurs, which were made in the Copper Alambic and were considered the best in British Columbia. But the Empress 1908 Gin is the best example that their skills go far beyond liqueurs. From 8 selected botanicals, the distillery has conjured a gin that is more than accomplished in both style and quality. It is handcrafted using an energy-saving process and finished with pear for an extra fruity touch. The minimisation of environmental impact and the natural aroma as well as the unique quality convince laymen and true gin connoisseurs alike. Serving recommendation As I smelled this gin for the first time, the alcohol scent came out very strong – similar to rubbing alcohol. As I smelled it a second and third time, the aroma was a bit more mellow with a light, sweet citrus scent. As I continued to sniff, I could smell a subtle sense of leafiness – though it was difficult to identify the exact plant.

The colour change is mysteriously activated by the butterfly pea flower ingredient that is distilled within the gin. Despite the color, don’t come to Empress 1908 Gin expecting something floral or violet-flavored. This is a mixing gin with a strong emphasis on showmanship. However, if I was judging based on taste and quality alone, this gin really wouldn’t stand out. It is not smooth, and its flavor is average at best. For the price, you are really paying for the visual wow factor – and you have to know that going in!

Empress 1908 Gin

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