Sony MDR-Z1R High-Resolution Audio Premium Over-Ear Headphones - Black

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Sony MDR-Z1R High-Resolution Audio Premium Over-Ear Headphones - Black

Sony MDR-Z1R High-Resolution Audio Premium Over-Ear Headphones - Black

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Some years ago I had a chance to listen with Sony's legendary R10 headphones, then once again at a meet in Tokyo. In context they were impressive headphones for their driver technology and unique wood cups. With the arrival of Sennheiser's HD800s, I thought that maybe a successor had arrived. While on paper the HD800s were as capable, they didn't have quite the lovely, organic sound that the Sonys were capable of.

Very clean sounding pair of headphones with a gargantuan stage giving you that live or speaker-like experience. They have very nice bass extension without intruding the mids. Very nice mids and sprakly highs that give the most minute nuances of music asw ell nice macro details. They remain coeherent even in complex passages.The company celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2016 with a range of new reference products that were designed to impressively demonstrate the company’s accumulated engineering knowledge under the Signature Series label. The MDR-Z1R headphones tested here have been designed with a clear focus on detail-coded component selection and a “novel” audio design to give the listener the feeling of real-world sound as authentically as possible. In terms of comfort and material selection—as much as anticipated—the MDR-Z1R delivers impressive qualities. Sony’s engineers claimed to seek nothing less than the perfect reproduction of every subtle nuance. Keywords, such as micro-sounds, sound details, dynamics and atmosphere, are mentioned in interviews when it comes to the ideal translation of actual sound events with headphones. At a suggested retail price of €2,199, these claims should have been implemented… First Impression

What is more, it isn't just the bass where the detail is. Subtle aspects of instrument notes were readily apparent through the Z1Rs, as good as other headphones in its price range. So while the presentation may be more old-school paper-cone speaker in intent, it is capable of delivering the spirit of the music from the large to the small very well. This might be helped by what feels like a very slightly aggressive presentation.

Materials and Technology

The 70mm driver is unusual in that it’s a two-part design, with a central magnesium dome surrounded by an aluminum-coated polymer “edge” diaphragm. This driver was designed with high-resolution audio in mind, so it’s capable of remarkably extended high-frequency response, up to 120 kilohertz. Of course, human hearing doesn’t extend even remotely that far, but some would argue that headphones with extreme high-frequency extension have cleaner treble in the range we do hear. What I like: the mid spectrum, vocal, lower trebles density and resolutions, warmer sound signature, airy, design, comfort ability, build quality, the flows and fluidity, the musicality, engaging, darker but very detailed and meaty trebles with great extensions that is not fatiguing.

The treble by no means is good but you can't deny that the mids and bass are the focus of this cans.From all the Headphones i've listened and/or owned so far (HD800S, HD820, Several Focal and LCD, pretty much everything from Meze and Hifiman, Moondrop VENUS and so on) nothing ever sounded as Live as the MDR-Z1R NOTE: the score then calculated is not comparable to the scores derived from the default Harman target curve if not otherwise noted. It seems to me The Mojo sounds the thinnest(not bad just compared to the others) out of all my combination and provides and excellent change to the theme here, oh and it sounds great too.

Mr Speakers Ether Flow & Ether C (not C Flow), I will also say which one I like more for each aspects, remember this is only my taste not for everyone. Aftermarket cables are available from a number of sources, noteworthy among them is the Kimber Kable Axios model developed in collaboration with Sony. For all you DIY cable builders out there, Pentaconn connectors (as well as finished cables) are available from Moon Audio. This SBAF post and following gives some info on working with the new connector. The MDR-Z1R belongs, without question, into the Musical Sound category. It can play pretty much every Genre without ever sounding offensive, off or wrong with anything.Mid: Z1R has magical mid spectrum. The details into the lower mid, the fluidity of the spectrum as a hole, the so smooth, forward and yet non offensive vocal with every nano details in the vocals being called out, and still no harshness or sibilant. It is just magical. This is the most unique thing about Z1R in my opinion, giving the Z1R the musical attribute, details, and soul in the music. Tonal body and timbres is not exactly realistic, but is accurately detailed and soulful. The headband exterior is leather covered. The ample headband cushion is covered with a very flexible material and cushions nicely...but it doesn't smell like leather, and seems to me to be a nice grade of protein leather. I really don't have a problem with this as its flexibility may give it superior performance in the area. I choose an IEM and two full-size headphones as these three actually represent Sony’s recently introduced top of the line models. Being the level they are at they were/are completely hand made in-house at Sony’s headphone factory in Tokyo Japan. This in itself remains in strict contrast to everything else Sony has released recently except the Z5 IEM and DMP-Z1 desktop unit; which are also in-house builds.

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