Derma Medihoney Barrier Cream 50g - Pack of 2

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Derma Medihoney Barrier Cream 50g - Pack of 2

Derma Medihoney Barrier Cream 50g - Pack of 2

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MediHoney Paste dressings with 100% Active Leptospermum Honey is ideal for use in hard to dress wounds areas such as tunneled wounds, sinus wounds and wounds with undermining. The MediHoney Paste dressing has the ability to seep down into areas of the wound you may not be able to reach with other dressings. If you care for a loved one with underlying health problems like diabetes or venous insufficiency, MEDIHONEY can reduce the risk of infections, support the removal of necrotic tissue, and encourage the body’s natural wound healing process.

Robson, V., Dodd, S and Thomas, S. Standardized antibacterial honey (MediHoney®) with standard therapy in wound care: randomized clinical trial. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 2009: p. 565-575. MediHoney dressings aids and supports autolytic debridement and a moist wound healing environment in acute and chronic wounds and burns, 5-8 through two key mechanisms – high osmolarity and low pH. The high sugar content of honey facilitates movement of fluid from an area of higher concentration, across a membrane, to an area of lower concentration. Osmotic potential draws fluid through the wound, to the surface, helping to liquefy non-viable tissue. Cutting KF. Honey and contemporary wound care: An overview. Ostomy Wound Manage. 2007;53(11):49–54. Medihoney is a barrier cream which helps to maintain the skin's barrier properties. It is specially formulated with a range of natural ingredients and is used to soothe and settle at-risk or irritated skin. The adhesive tapes cannot be applied on top of Medihoney cream. InstructionsMEDIHONEY has become the go-to wound care product for many Americans. It comes in both prescription-strength and over-the-counter formulas and provides a safe, effective, way to manage burns, arterial ulcers, and surgical wounds. Cover the MEDIHONEY gel, paste, or alginate dressing with an absorbent sterile, secondary bandage or a compression garment. at System.Web.Mvc.Html.PartialExtensions.Partial(HtmlHelper htmlHelper, String partialViewName, Object model, ViewDataDictionary viewData)

MEDIHONEY looks similar in appearance and texture to traditional store-bought honey, but it’s not a sweetener. Instead, it provides an all-natural way to treat open wounds, preventing gangrene and infection. Often, wounds that have progressed carry a malodorous smell. MEDIHONEY has also been shown to decrease odors that may accompany wounds. During the healing process, due to autolytic debridement, it is common for non-viable tissue to be removed from the wound resulting in an initial increase in wound size. Although an initial increase in wound size may be attributed to the normal removal of non-viable tissue, consult a healthcare professional if the wound continues to grow larger after the first few dressing changes.Keep in mind that it’s best that MEDIHONEY be on the skin for 12-24 hours at a time for maximum effectiveness. If you or your loved one is having a hard time keeping the dressing intact, soak a gauze dressing in the MEDIHONEY (or use the MEDIHONEY square dressing) and apply it directly on the wound, then top with an abdominal pad dressing. When using MEDIHONEY will I need any extra supplies? MediHoney® dressings are made with a special honey that is derived from the nectar of the Leptospermum plant. This type of honey has unique properties that have been scientifically verified and shown in clinical trials and by other clinical evidence to be effective for the management of wounds and burns. 1-3 During initial use of the dressing (depending on wound exudate levels, interstitial fluid, and edema surrounding the wound), the dressings’ high osmotic potential may contribute to increased exudate, which could lead to maceration if the excess moisture is not managed appropriately. Manage additional moisture by adding an absorptive cover dressing and/or adjusting the frequency of dressing change. MediHoney dressings are safe, effective and versatile to use on a variety of wounds and are indicated for use on: When it’s time to change the dressing, thoroughly clean the wound with a saline solution. Once you do, repeat the same steps.

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