Octonauts VEGIMALS MULTI FIGURE PACK Fisher-Price BDM00-9C97

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Octonauts VEGIMALS MULTI FIGURE PACK Fisher-Price BDM00-9C97

Octonauts VEGIMALS MULTI FIGURE PACK Fisher-Price BDM00-9C97

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NOTICE: A vegimalese phrase was added, but the phrase's spelling was not pulled from the Netflix captions. And the definition was guessed. Vegimal phonology is fairly simple. A very common sound they produce is a " voiced alveolar trill" or /r/, colloquially known as a "Rolled 'R'" like the Spanish R in " repollo" This commonly follows a Voiceless bilibial stop or /p/ as in the English "Pole" The Octonauts are a team of adventurers who explore the world’s oceans, rescue sea creatures, and protect its habitats. Let your child re-create their favourite Octonauts Above & Beyond scenes and adventures by giving them Octonauts toys and playsets. The Octonauts’ Mission The Octonauts are a dynamic 8-member team of quirky and courageous adventure heroes who dive into action whenever there is trouble under the sea. Equipped with a fleet of aquatic vehicles, called Gups, their mission is to: Vegimals have a radish-like head that comes in different colors and a fish-like lower body that is colored either green or blue. They also have different pieces of leaves on their heads based on the vegetable they are designed after.

To clarify, Gups are the vehicles used by the Octonauts, often underwater but sometimes above. They have different Gups for different purposes and terrains and are all identified by a different alphabet letter, from Gup-A to Gup-Z. What is the Octonauts Octopod? All of the Vegimals including Sharchini, Halibeet, Pikato, Grouber, Codish, Barrot, Tominnow and Tunip as they appear in 'Octonauts and the Saltwater Crocodile' The show is based on the original books by Meomi, and is produced by Silvergate Media VSP, animated by Brown Bag Films. The Octonauts continues to be a great and thrilling show for kids, and has now become a unique and exciting global brand for preschoolers. In case you’re sure who’s who, here’s a handy list of the Octonauts’ names so you can make sure you get your kiddo’s favorite. And yes, there are 8 (hence the “Octo” in “Octonauts”): The Vegimals are vegetable/animal hybrids that help out around the Octopod and speak their own silly language. There are actually several vegimals (meaning the Octonauts count may technically be more than 8), but we digress.Octonauts toys may be your kid’s latest toy obsession, and if that’s the case, here’s the low-down: The Octonauts (and not “The Aquanauts,” contrary to popular belief) is a British Netflix kids series, and it’s surprisingly addicting for kids and adults, alike. It’s a sweet premise — as with the best of children’s shows and entertainment — and stars a cast of fun undersea rescuer/explorers. The Octonauts characters (wondering who is who? More on that later …) are always willing to leave their Octopod home base to help sea creatures in distress, boarding their Gups (aka, fancy fictional vehicles) to rush out in the time of need. Along the way, they uncover new underwater worlds and critters, and FYI — the show is impressively educational, even for grown-ups. We agree, Mama — if you’ve done any searching for Octonaut toys, you’ve seen some ridiculously high prices. Others are nearly impossible to find (made even harder if you’re mistakenly searching for “Aquanauts toys”). With the popularity of the show, these toys have become a hot commodity (think: bidding wars for Beanie Babies), plus some are more available in the UK, where the show originated. Their status is putting them on the brink of being collector’s items, although all your kid really wants to do is play with their favorite characters and Gups. Barrot appears in the books “The Sea of Shade”, “The Frown Fish”, “Explore the Great Big Ocean”, and “The Growing Goldfish”. The Octonauts live in the Octopod. It resembles a multi-limbed creature and has 4 arms that act as separate wings of the main base. When the Octonauts head out on an adventure, there’s a hatch that opens to release the Gups into the open sea. Why are Octonauts toys so expensive?

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